How does MIA Works? Create an account

Made In Africa (MIA) is more than just a list of ads – it is a modern platform for communication between sellers and buyers. On MIA, a person can find literally everything: from food for one’s favorite pet to brand new cars, from fashion clothes to new homes.

Thus, MIA is the first place to go in case you have ideas for your own business. Open your store on MIA, and apart from a fast start and easy income, you get a chance to move your business to offline very soon. Here is a short guide to MIA. Take a few minutes to become pro in sales.

Is Made In Africa (MIA) free?

Users can post an unlimited number of ads for free on MIA. We provide best convenient interface with division into categories and sub sections guarantees that any item will fit in. It also guarantees easy search by a potential buyer and fast sales for you.

What can i sell on Made In Africa(MIA)?

MIA allows posting ads about new and used things: you can just sell things in a good keep you do not use anymore and receive money for this. The communication between sellers and buyers on MIA is direct, without assistants, intermediaries, or any hidden fees for their services.

How secured is Made In Africa(MIA)?

MIA guarantees safety and security for every user. Personal ID and financial data is protected and never transferred to the third parties. Scam detecting system is working flawlessly. MIA's Support Team is availlable 24/7 and ready to assist with any questions. Boost packages and TOP ads will help to promote the ads you have posted on MIA and sell your items much faster.

What is MIA store?

Every user has an opportunity to register their store at MIA Company. There is no need to start a personal website. Register your store on MIA to get the same opportunities for sales. You do not have to change anything in branding or assortment. By the way, the address will be easy to remember:

How to start a business in 3 steps Starting business on MIA does not require any specific knowledge or even much time.
Step 1

Open and click on Post FREE Ad. You will be redirected to the next page with a form for posting an item for sale.

Step 2 Post an ad.
  • β˜… Fill the required information in the fields.
  • β˜… Choose a category of your item Choose a subcategory Write a title (10-70 characters)
  • β˜… Write a description (up to 1,500 characters)
  • β˜… Choose a brand Choose a model The rest of the fields are not obligatory, but providing complete information increases your chances to sell a phone quickly, so it is required to fill in the remaining information